Friday, September 11, 2015

My summer at Catalina Island Camps!

     Hey!I went to Howland's Landing and Catalina Island as a camp. I went for two weeks and it was really fun, even for my second year! The water activities that you can do is P.B.A, which is power-boating activities, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, skin diving (snorkeling), and a night dive. A night dive happens every Thursday, which is movie night and an ice cream night. You get to choose between watching the movie in your sleeping bag, or go skin diving in the night and see really cool stuff, plus at the end, you get hot chocolate which you can't get at any other time at the camp. You can also do riflery, archery, gardening, high ropes, rock climbing, sailing, using the sailboat yourself, and even something called free beach. Free beach is when you can do anything you want at the beach. In the water, there is a fun play set. There is a trampoline, what we call a churro, and a swing. The churro is the part that connects the trampoline to the swing. It is really slippery that most people can't get across so it is a really fun challenge. Also, something most people wouldn't expect, their food is really good! But something you will experience if you go there, they will never serve you toast!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Control, by Lydia Kang

      For my independent novel, I chose a book called Control, by Lydia Kang. I wanted to use this book, because this was one is one of the best book that I have read. It has romance, adventure, and some parts are sad. Just my kind of book. This book is about a girl named Zelia and her sister, Dylia. One day, Zelia's dad dies during a car crash when they are moving. They each get different "foster" families, but it turns out that they aren't ordinary families. Zelia's foster family is full of people that have extra limbs or traits. One person has 4 arms, another person has green skin, and someone else has little anger issues. His name is Cy, and he is going to be 18 years old. He changes his tattoos every day to hide the pain he has been through about his sister. Zelia has been trying to find out what trait her sister has, because the house she got into also gets those people, but they drug them a lot. I thought this book was really good and interesting. This is why I want to do my independent novel on Control.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Go Electric!

Go Electric!

In this picture, they are showing the electric car being charged, 
showing where you can plug it in, and showing where it 
can be charged from.

In China, the pollution has gotten so bad, that in 2010 alone, 1.2 million people died, the equivalent of 25 million healthy years of living stolen from them. Is this the ideal world in which will be the future? A major source of the world’s pollution is derived from gasoline and diesel powered cars. One potential solution to this problem comes from new and improved electric cars. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also fuel efficient, and they are cheaper than their inefficient older brothers.

In this picture, they are showing what helps the car move and how electricity has a part to play in it.

One reason electric cars are better for the environment than gas cars is that they are zero emission vehicles. “Electric motors create magnetic fields that spin a rotor which in turn rotates the axle of the car, causing motion. All of this is done without any emission of CO2. Fewer CO2 emissions means fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.” Says Life123.

Regular cars have to use gas in order to run. “The gas creates a series of explosions, or combustions, in the car's engine, which give it the energy to fly down the highway or roll into your driveway.” Says Life123. Unfortunately the waste created by gasoline cars is also a greenhouse gas, speeding up climate change with every pound of  it released.

Greenhouse gases keep the heat in the air, which makes Earth warmer. “As greenhouse gas emissions from human activities increase, they build up in the atmosphere and warm the climate” Says EPA. This could cause a lot of  changes around the world like methane or carbon dioxide. Methane is more active than carbon dioxide, but one of them is less abundant in the atmosphere.

Also, electric cars are better than gas cars because they are fuel efficient. They are fuel efficient, because since they are cheap, they help you save money for other things.They are also safer because they have sensors that help you so you don’t crash into another car.
“The growth or vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-cloud communication systems will allow cars and trucks to both move faster and avoid crashes by working together, a process that could reduce both injuries and deaths.” Says IEEE Transportation Electrification. The electric cars are better for the economy this way.
In the picture above, it gives rise to the notion that having a gas car will indirectly blow up one's money to propel their car.  
Lastly, electric cars are better than gas cars because they are cheaper. Electric cars travel a distance for $1.14 in electricity, while a gas powered car can travel the same distance for $3.65 in gas. That is more than 3 times as much as electric cars!

 “Electric cars have decreased in price considerably over the last 10 to 15 years. However, some electric cars still remain very expensive. Today electric cars can be purchased in the $10,000 to $15,000 price range for very basic entry models, and go all the way up to over $110,000 for some of the most advanced models. This is similar to many vehicles that use gasoline engines as well. The similarities and costs seem to stop at the initial purchase price.” Says CarsDirect.

Although, gas cars are better than electric cars, in a way, because gas cars have longer range of  around 400 miles, where electric cars only have a range of about 50 to 200 miles, but in the cities, electric cars are more efficient, and no one would need to go drive 500 miles away.

Electric cars can’t break without wasting energy, and there is no way of slowing down the car without occasionally hitting the brakes. Automotive engineers have thought about it and came up with something called regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is a system that captures most of the car’s active energy and turn it into electricity. That energy can be used to recharge the battery of the car.

16 of the world’s 20 worst cities to breath in are in China. Electric cars are fuel efficient, they are better for the environment, and they are cheaper than the gasoline cars.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Interview with Nick

The Magic Man
As I walked down the street, I saw Nick standing at his house waiting for me. He has grey hair, and he wore a very nice suit. He walked with me down to the front of the door to his house, and we sat down on his little wooden bench, with all of his Disney characters sitting around. So, we chatted a little, and then I started.
Nadia: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Nick: ...My favorite childhood memory, I think, would have to be...going to Disney Land. And that was a year after it opened in 1956.
Nadia: Was it fun?
Nick: It was there were fewer rides then, but I remember enjoying the Jungle Cruse, and especially the Peter Pan’s Flight because I got to visit Disney’s studios a couple of years earlier, and I got to see the Peter Pan’s Flight, while it was being made.
Nadia: Oh, that must have been fun.
Nick: Yeah. 
Nadia: So, how have things changed since you were a kid?
Nick: ...How have things changed...well for one thing, when I was a kid, you could get a steak dinner for a whole two dollars.
Nadia: Ha ha, do you miss that now?
Nick: Yes, another thing that I would say has changed is, communication, when I was in Junior High School, I took a typing class, it wasn’t required, but my handwriting was very bad. There weren’t many boys who were taking typing back then. Currently, of course, with keyboards, almost everybody knows how to type. At least with two thumbs.
Nadia: Did you guys use type writers?
Nick: I did, yes, and to learn to type, what they said you had to do, was to put pieces of tape over the keys, so you couldn’t see the letters. Because the type of typing that they were teaching you was the sort of thing that the stenographer would do after the they took notes and then that person would sit with the typewriter and type, type, type, type, and so you had to know where the letters were, without looking at them.
Nadia: Kind of like a scribe?
Nick: Yeah.
Nadia: Oh, okay. So, I know you enjoy going to Disney Land a lot. How has it changed from the first time you went, and the last time you went so far? 
Nick: Well, let’s see. I would say that things are a lot fancier. There weren’t any roller coaster rides. When I was at Disney Land, the closest thing to a roller coaster was the Cassie Junior Train, and there you just chugged around, going up one hill, and down. The other thing that changed were all the dark rides, you know, the ones where you go inside. Because when this ride opened, they tried to do things fast with cheap music, you know. It took them only one year to construct Disney Land. 
Nadia: Really?
Nick: From Orange Groves, to park.
Nadia: Wow.
Nick, And, uh, so, the dark rides were basically what you would call paved flats, from the way they would have things on a stage you know, it looks 3D, but it’s actually 2D. They are all painted. Big colors and all they had to do was shine a flash of light on them, and it looked like it had all these grooves and arches and stuff like that. But they were all flat figures, that you don’t know about. Like a painted treasure chest here, and another painted this or that in all the different rides. 
Nadia: I heard that you had tickets?
Nick: That’s right! The first year at Disney Land, it costed a whole dollar to get in, and it cost 50 cents for kids, and administers got in for free. 
Nadia: But, doesn’t it cost more than $100 now?
Nick: Yup, and the other thing is, once you were inside, you paid for every ride. Which was like, 10 cents here, 25 cents here, but the only problem is the most expensive ride was 35 cents. Then, the most expensive ride was 50 cents. Then there was a time when the most expensive ride was 85 cents. The biggest problem was that they had everything planned except for where they were going to get all those nickels, quarters, dimes and pennies from the ticket booths, and they had people running back and forth with buckets, so you could get two 10 cents, or two 25 cents, 35 cents, stuff like that, and then they switched over to what were called to letter tickets. They didn’t have them priced.
Nadia: Oh yeah.
Nick, There were “A” tickets “B” tickets all the way up to “E” tickets, which were the most expensive. So an “E” ticket would be like a Jungle Cruse, or a Matterhorn Bobsled. Sometimes a ride wouldn’t get as much maintenance as it should, so there was this one ride that switched from being an “E” ride down to “D”, just because it was bad maintenance. So, then they got the idea of just having special kinds of tickets, so if you went as a graduating class, you would get ten tickets, and they wouldn't have any letters on them, and you could use them for anything, and no one would waste them on a letter “A” ride that was a firetruck going down to the far end of the park. Then, after that, they finally switched to all inclusive, but they did that in stages, so if tree were graduations or something, you would wear a little badge, and anyone else who came to the park had to use tickets. Then finally they switched to everything, and that is one of the reasons the price went up. 
Nadia: Okay, How would you explain physics to a 13 year old?
Nick: How would I explain physics to a 13 year old? First off, I think I would say that physics comes from the word physical. But it’s not physical like biology. It’s physical like the machine parts of the world. The story is told of Isaac Newton, that he was puzzling about this strange gravitational force that everyone took for granted, that you would drop a ball, and it would...hit the ground. But, what he was wondering was, so why doesn’t the moon fall? What he was able to figure out was that it is the same force, it’s just that if you throw the ball sideways, in theory, if you throw the ball sideways fast enough, the distance that it would fall, would keep it the same hight from the curve of the Earth. Since he knew the world was round, if you just throw something, and it curved the same way, it would go around, and he was able to prove that it would explain not only why it is that the moon fell around the Earth, but also, he explained why it is that one moon produces two high tides a day. See, there is high, low, high, low tides, and people had a hard time explaining that, and it is still kind of hard to decide, but if you realize that the force depends on the Earth as a baseball. The baseball side that is closest to the moon, the pull is greater on the water, than it is on the Earth, and on the far side, the pull on the water is less than it is on the other side of the Earth. So you have two lumps of water.
Nadia: So basically the side that is nearest to the moon would maybe be like high tide?
Nick: Well actually, yes, but the farthest away, also was a high tide, because it was still pulled around the circle with the Earth, but because it was farther away, it took less force to do that. So you know how something you are on a merry-go-round, and you feel as though you are swung to the outside?
Nadia: Yeah.
Nick: Well, if you were sitting on a seat that had no friction on it, then there would be nothing, you would feel as though you would slip way off. The merry-go-round is like that. 
Nadia: How has being a professor in physics helped you become an expert balloon tier?
Nick *Laughs* What happened was I first got interested in magic tricks, and then later on, I got interested in physics, and then I realized that physics and magic tricks have a lot in common because they both have to do with the physical principles of the world. It’s just that when you teach physics, you try to make the physics understood. But, when you are doing magic tricks, you are trying to hide the physics that make the trick work. As I did magic for younger and younger kids, I eventually found out that they are too young to understand the magic in them. So that’s how I got involved into balloons. But once I got involved with balloons, I started seeing ways in which balloons match with physics. I got to teach a class once that explained the physics of why it is...I won’t try to explain it, but you have probably experienced that when blowing up a balloon, the first puff is the hardest, and that is not because the rubber is thick, it’s because it’s small. 
Nadia: Do you still know any magic tricks?
Nick: Oh yes! Tons and tons. I still have lots of magic tricks that is stored in the house, and I also occasionally do them at birthday parties, and I’m still inventing new magic tricks, but they don’t really have to do with magic tricks, but some of them are related to mathematics. I should show you some sometime.
Nadia: Oh, sure. How many magic tricks have you invented?
Nick: Well, things I would say that I’m really proud of, probably about 5. One of my magic tricks got bought from a magic company in San Diego.
Nadia: Nice!
Nick: Yeah, it sold for a while. I got a whole 2 dollars. But that was back then. There was a dollar bill trick that I invented, and it was very popular a number of years ago. I still carry the trick around with me in my wallet. It’s amazing!
After we finished, he showed me the dollar bill trick, and it was really good, and after that, he gave me a 3 foot plastic balloon hammer, a fish, a banana, a crayon, a snake sword, and a 2 1/2 foot flamingo. He was so generous, but he had tons more balloons and plastic balloons! Then I took a picture of him, said thank you, and I went back home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Sea of Monsters

     I have decided to read the book, "The Sea of Monsters" again. This book is by Rick Riordan. Right now, Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson have just left Camp Half-Blood, to go save their friend Grover, and get The Golden Fleece to save their camp. 
     My prediction, is that they will most likely run into trouble along the way with a few monsters. Percy Jackson is the son of the sea god, poseidon, Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, and Tyson got claimed by Poseidon, so now he is the son of poseidon, but he is a cyclops. Grover is stuck at a place called the Sea of Monsters, and that is where the trio is headed right now. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Bus

     Everyone has decided to go to this place where they let people get out of the contaminated place. Dean and Astrid decide to stay back. Astrid had to stay back, because she turned out to be pregnant, so Dean decided to stay with her because he likes her, and the other people left, and since the air would come in contact with them, they would have to put on a lot of layers, and they also had to wear air masks. All the other people went in the fixed bus and said their good bye's, then left. After they left, they had to close the wall again, but once they did, Astrid took off her mask, and since she had type O blood, she got really mad, and wanted to kill someone, but Dean had to hold her down and put the air mask back on her. Then, the book ended, and I really want to read the next book which is called, Sky on Fire.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Kill

     In the book, Monument 14, those 2 strangers were not to be trusted. Since in the beginning of the book, they crashed the school bus through the store, the two people offered to help re fix it, so they did. Once they finished the bus, it looked better than before but it didn't look brand new. One of the strangers loved kids, and all the little kids also loved him. The strangers brought a dog with them, and her name is luna. The kids practically fell for the dog. But they made a deal with the leader in Dean's group, Niko, to leave the next day. But, the other stranger got really sick, so they had to stay another night. Niko really didn't like the two adults, but eventually he let them stay another night. But, during that second night, we heard this girl named Astrid yell Dean's name and some other names, and when they got to the spot where she was standing, it turned out the nice adult who lived kids was actually bad. Astrid had a gun facing him, and told this person named Jake to hold it, so he does, but I'm guessing that Jake doesn't like guns, because the gun started to tremble in his hands, so this person named Brayden took it, but right as Jake was starting to give it to him, the adult who lived kids lunged forward and shot Brayden in the shoulder. The adult grabbed Niko and was yelling at him saying that he can't make all of the decisions, but then he got flown backwards, because a bullet hit him in the head, because since there were two guns, Astrid got the other one and shot him. He died. The other adult also died from his sickness. Dean, Niko Astrid, Jake, and Brayden had to lie to the kids about what happened, and they said that The adult who loved kids went to give something to their parents, who they didn't know if they were still alive or not, and the other adult went into a deep sleep, and that the kids shouldn't bother him. They also said that Brayden accidentally shot himself when he was helping The adult get out of the store and the kids heard 2 bullets because the bullet ricocheted. I wonder what's going to happen to Brayden.